Our Story

“From a dream to reality…”


Sunrise Hives is a family owned and operated apiary located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

After meeting in 2008, Carl began working on Kiah’s parents bee farm. Soon the two fell in love and for beekeeping. After getting hitched in 2009 the two decided they would make a career of beekeeping for themselves. In 2010, they purchased what is now Sunrise Hives and relocated it to Carls family farm in Saint Onge, South Dakota. The Crowley’s run around 400 colonies in the surrounding area. Sunrise Hives use sustainable beekeeping practices with a primary focus on the health of their honeybees.

Sunrise Hives believes in maintaining a healthy stock of colonies. In order to make this possible, Carl is training under a second generation queen breeder located in California. The Crowley’s spend several months each year at their friends farm. Here, they choose the healthiest and strongest colonies and rear their own hand selected queens before returning to South Dakota. The Crowley’s believe that working all facets of their beekeeping business is what sets them apart from others.

In the off season, Kiah works with local schools providing an “Importance of Bees” talk. Children get to learn all about what the Crowley’s do as beekeepers as well as hear about what’s impacting them and what they can do to help. The Crowley’s strongly believe in the education of children, as they are our future. They recently began speaking to adult groups as well.

The Crowley’s take pride in producing 100% raw-unfiltered honey. They hand bottle at their shop located in Spearfish, South Dakota. Here, they also produce their All-Natural Body Products and 100% Pure Beeswax Candles. Every product is hand poured, hand labeled, and produced in small batches insuring consistency and quality with every batch. Sunrise Hives use 100% all-natural ingredients that are, when possible, organic or wildcrafted from sustainable sources, no preservatives or artificial ingredients EVER!

What is raw, unfiltered honey?

Raw, unfiltered honey means nothing is taken out and is never pasteurized, leaving all the healthy enzymes, propolis bits, and pollen behind. When honey becomes solid and crystallizes, you know that your honey hasn’t been processed or overheated in the bottling process. Raw, unfiltered honey undergoes natural processes like crystallization because the honey remains 100% pure and natural.


FREE Local order pick-up available, please call and place order

We offer container exchange on our glass pints and quarts. We can fill any container onsite once an appointment is made, refills are our best deal. We also offer several bulk honey sizes, swarm removal, and onsite beekeeping classes. 

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